VII Mediterranean Experiences Festival

XIV International Journalism & Arts Award ôGino Votanoö

(Reggio Calabria, 1-4 dicembre 2016)

Index 2016 Winner 2016 OspitalitÓ


Best Mediterranean Movie

"Frantz" di Franšois Ozon

Grand Prize of the Young Jury


The Young Jury of the Mediterranean Experiences Festival, composed by Leonardo Goi, Silvia Vazzana and Maria Morabito  has voted "best film of the Mediterranean 2016", the film "Frantz" by Franšois Ozon, with the following motivation :

"Written and directed with a human and moving touch and supported by a cinematography that alternates the

 use of black and white with very few moments in which colours burst onto the screen, Frantz is a parable on

 the horror of war told with great intelligence".


Best Mediterranean Documentary

"The War Show" di Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon

The Young Jury voted "best documentary of the Mediterranean 2016", the film "The War Show" by Andreas Dalsgaard and Obaidah Zytoon with the following motivation :


"Through the dreams and hopes of a group of young people, it has lucidly chronicled the violence of the

Syrian civil war and its innermost aspects : from the varied realities of the Islamic world to the influence of the

great powers."