IX Mediterranean Experiences Festival

XVI International Journalism & Arts Award “Gino Votano”

II Festival delle Due Sicilie

(Reggio Calabria, 2018)



Index 2018 Form Bando artisti Ospitalità  

Best Mediterranean Movie

Fazil Coskun "Anons" ("The Announcement", Turkey)

"To have harmonized the detailed chronicle of a coup, with the metaphor of desecration and with a black and intelligent humor. For the invention of a wide range of cinematographic languages that renew the Mediterranean comedy from within. For the extraordinary ability of directing to match humor as in a symphony with musical intervals between one note and another. For the great interpretative proof and the effectiveness of the message."



Best Mediterranean Play

“Io Alfredo e Valentina” di Oreste De Santis
e “Niente suocera tra i piedi” di Salvatore Sottile,
regista Sara Giordano,

Associazione culturale Koiné, Venetico, Messina, Sicily